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The Cinque Terre Floods 2011

After the sad news that several of the World Heritage Site villages of the Cinque Terre were devastated by floods in October 2011

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New Trip in Piemonte

In 1388 the County of Savoy fought its way to the coast at Nice and so established a maritime port for the first time. The Duchy that was to follow added this magnificent part of Europe to the Holy Roman Empire. Later this came to form the nucleus of modern Italy, with Turin as its capital.

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El Camino de Santiago - The Road To Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is the greatest road in Europe. It comprises Roman causeways and medieval roads, bridges and mountain passes that have witnessed the travels of saints and kings.

Our route takes us to all the most important sites between Navarra and the shrine of Saint James in Galicia as we walk the most beautiful, ancient and spectacular sections of the medieval road. In between the walks we visit all the major pilgrimage stops, including medieval hospitals, churches and artistic treasures. The trip takes ten days, during which time we will discover the art and architecture, the myths and legends of the road, the greatest cities of northern Spain, the daily life of the medieval pilgrim and the foods and wines of the different areas that we visit.

Staying in the very best accommodation, much of the time in historic and artistic buildings, we experience to the full the glory and power of the road.