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The Cinque Terre Floods 2011

After the sad news that several of the World Heritage Site villages of the Cinque Terre were devastated by floods in October 2011

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New Trip in Piemonte

In 1388 the County of Savoy fought its way to the coast at Nice and so established a maritime port for the first time. The Duchy that was to follow added this magnificent part of Europe to the Holy Roman Empire. Later this came to form the nucleus of modern Italy, with Turin as its capital.

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Art and Architecture

The architecture of a region develops from the history, landscape and the climate in which it is conceived. The great mansions of Perugia, half-timbered farms of Normandy, the white alleyways of AndalucĂ­a and the mosaic covered churches of Sicily, all are the products of a mixture of warm or wet skies, foreign influence and political necessity. By walking through the countryside and the built environment we can see exactly how all the cultural elements of the area are interlinked.

Artisitic expression is similarly a product of the political and cultural history of the people. We visit many great works of art, either in city museums or found serendipitously in the country churches; fine examples of long term trends which now help to define a people.