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The Cinque Terre Floods 2011

After the sad news that several of the World Heritage Site villages of the Cinque Terre were devastated by floods in October 2011

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New Trip in Piemonte

In 1388 the County of Savoy fought its way to the coast at Nice and so established a maritime port for the first time. The Duchy that was to follow added this magnificent part of Europe to the Holy Roman Empire. Later this came to form the nucleus of modern Italy, with Turin as its capital.

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A typical day

How It works

Our walks are set in the most beautiful areas of western Europe. All of them visit inspiring scenery as well as towns and villages of great beauty. They include the most interesting monuments and works of art in the region, as well as the finest areas for wildlife and wilderness. In the evenings we stay in the most comfortable accommodation available, always clean, warm and welcoming and with an emphasis on characterful buildings. And we eat a mixture of local traditional cuisine and fine food, all accompanied by the best national and regional wines. Everything is included in the price of our trips: all land transportation, accommodation and most meals with wine and mineral water. The only extra expenses are your flights and travel insurance and items of a personal nature such as telephone bills or drinks before and after dinner.

We try, even within a specific themed itinerary, to introduce the traveller to every facet of the way of life of the country which we are visiting. We always give explanations of the history of the areas we visit, the art and architecture, the local agriculture, anthropological information, the food and wine of the region, cultural information, the wildlife and flowers and the way of life of the local people. We can include visits to local vineyards and craftsmen, local festivals and other events as requested.

We set out on a morning walk of between two and a half and four hours (including short rest stops). All the walks are led by a highly experienced and knowledgeable leader who knows the country, and the region, intimately. At lunchtime the group usually meets up with the support vehicle for an al fresco lunch prepared by our staff who look after the logistics of the trip. This will include local specialities and wine. In some of the more mountainous areas it may not be possible to reach the midday stop by vehicle, in which case the picnic will be carried by the tour leader. After a post-lunch rest we start out again for the afternoon walk, usually shorter than the morning, although there is normally the option to ride in the support vehicle for those who are tired or who simply prefer to relax. In the late afternoon we arrive at our hotel, the most comfortable and characterful available, with time for a short rest before dinner, normally eaten in a local restaurant or the hotel. During dinner the tour leader will explain the programme for the following day.

Who Goes?

We believe that people who share an activity such as walking make the best fellow travellers. Travelling on foot is an essentially sociable experience and walking in new parts of the world leads easily to the formation of friendships. Our fellow travellers ally a spirit of enquiry and ease of temperament with a great sociability which makes for fascinating discussions along the way or over dinner.

Age is no barrier to discovering a country on foot. Walking allows people to move at their own pace and we use that flexibility to enjoy the days to the maximum. And all walks of life can be found on the trail.